Easy Dispensing
Freehand is designed for dispensing and dosing liquid from a container. In real time, it shows how much liquid is being poured out by the use of a clear indicator. The consumer can easily dispense the recommended quantity of product while enabling some control to adjust to their preference. Freehand is perfect for pouring food and beverages, like edible oils or liquid concentrates, or for pouring household liquids, like detergents or cleaning products
Key Benefits
  • Measure as you pour technology eliminates the need for a measuring cup
  • One-handed design is easy to use
  • Unique design allows for on-shelf differentiation at point of purchase
  • Freehand is a highly customized solution that would be tailored to your brand’s dose size and viscosity. Brands interested in using Freehand for their specific needs can begin a product development project with Perimeter.