Easy Dispensing
Handout is an out-to-share container with a lid that encourages consumers to leave the product out, thereby increasing product consumption. The tub offers a powerful in-mold label branding billboard for on-shelf differentiation. Handout is ideal for a wide range of products, particularly food and snacks, candy, teabags, dog treats, or other items where sharing and easy access is desired.
Key Benefits
  • Out to share design promotes increased usage
  • Full color in-mold label allows for core brand reinforcement, seasonal themes, and off-shelf placement
  • Tub available in clear plastic to allow consumers to see the contents inside
  • Dimensions: Handout is 5.49” wide, 2.98” deep, 5.29” high and holds a total volume of 79 cubic inches, or 43.8 oz.
  • We own these existing assets and they can be commercialized without a capital investment