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BlenderPak, an on-the-go solution, is designed to increase new usage occasions and invite more consumers into the powdered beverages category. BlenderPak is a patent pending single-serve, just-add-water package with a rigid fitment inside that acts both as a gripping structure and mixing ball. The unique MixingMesh technology helps break up the clumps of powder and deliver a smooth beverage. The pouch is pre-filled with one serving of powder, so the consumer only needs to fill it with water, shake and drink.


Key Benefits

  • Ideal for Sports Nutrition, Protein Powder, Meal Replacement, Nutraceuticals, and other powder drink mixes
  • Increases consumption and creates new usage occasions for powdered products away from home
  • Design based on first-hand insights from hundreds of consumers
  • BlenderPak is a market-ready packaging solution
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